Parent Volunteers
We value our parent volunteers and the contribution they make to the school.

To ensure that we keep our children safe at St Agnes’, these are the guidelines for all parent volunteers who wish to assist in any capacity at our school. This includes parents who help in our Canteen, at Sports and Swimming Carnivals, on Excursions and with class activities.

If you would like to be a parent volunteer at our school, there are two ways to become / remain approved:

  • As a new parent to our school, attendance at the Child Protection / Parent Volunteer Meeting is required.
  • If you do not have a Working With Children Check and do not wish to obtain one, you must attend a Parent Volunteer Induction session annually at school and sign the 2020 Safe School Expectations Undertaking. The ‘Safe School Expectations Undertaking’ is to be renewed annually, or as and when there are any changes in the volunteer’s circumstances, whichever occurs earliest.
  • Dates and times of the induction sessions will be advertised through the school newsletter and through Compass.
  • Volunteers can access the Volunteers Child Safe School Communities Resource Kit.
  • If you have already have a Working With Children Check, or are applying for one, please follow the steps outlined in this link: WWC Accreditation Process.
  • Parent volunteers who complete the online WWC Accreditation Process are not required to attend a face-to-face induction session, but need to provide a completed 2020 Safe School Expectations Undertaking form to the school office once complete for verification.